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Can A Diffuser Be Used As A Humidifier

Can A Diffuser Be Used As A Humidifier?

Can A Diffuser Be Used As A Humidifier?

Your residence ought to be somewhere you can unwind after a long day.

Natural oils can help relieve you in a variety of ways. Not only are they simple to operate, but they also offer a wide range of benefits. 

Diffusers are among the easiest and common ways to utilize these oils. Perhaps you’ve used them for other reasons apart from diffusion, or you are yet to diffuse them.

 Maybe you own a humidifier but wonder if it’s possible to use it as a diffuser; find out in this piece.

What Is A Humidifier And How Does It Work?

A humidifier is a device that helps to keep the air moist. This is beneficial in dry regions and rainy areas when heaters are on all day during the wintertime.

Warm weather makes it possible for the atmosphere to hold humidity. As a result, whenever the temperature drops cold, the air absorbs very little moisture.

Deficient moisture in the atmosphere can cause health problems. That is why having a humidifier that can raise your living area’s humidity and enhance the effectiveness of your indoor air.

Humidifiers can prevent problems resulting from low humidity.

Humidifiers come in a variety of styles, each with its own set of systems.

  • Ultrasonic Humidifier

Like most ultrasonic diffusers, ultrasonic humidifiers include a dish at the bottom that vibrates fast, producing a calm, light mist. 

To avoid microbial activity in an ultrasonic humidifier, occasionally replace the water.

  • Impeller Humidifier

Impeller humidifier contains a propelling disc that propels water through a comb-like device, forming a cool mist. 

Like the ultrasonic diffuser, you should change the water frequently to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria. It’s best to use pure water.

  • Steam Humidifier

Typically known as steam diffusers, they function by letting the water boil and generate a warm mist.

They could be unsafe near kids and pets since they use intense heat and are the lowest energy-efficient.

  • Evaporative Humidifier

These humidifiers are commonly termed cool-mist humidifiers. 

To perform, containers are filled with cold water. The water from this container is then absorbed by a filter and blown to release fine droplets of water into the atmosphere.

What Is A Diffuser For Essential Oils?

Essential oil diffusers are designed to disseminate essential oils’ healing properties and scents into the atmosphere, allowing users to inhale and profit from them.

Most diffusers combine oils to give great fragrances, making them both practical and cost-effective. 

Essentially, place a few drops of natural essential oil into a diffuser and breathe in the fresh aroma. 

Your preferred oil fragrance will spread into your apartment for the whole day, thanks to the oils diffuser’s consistent mist.

Diffuser vs. Humidifier

They are similar in that they release water vapour into the atmosphere to enhance humidity.  

Their differences:

A diffuser works by employing ultrasonic technology to divide essential oils into tiny particulate, which are then passed into the atmosphere with the water droplets for therapeutic action. 

In contrast, a humidifier helps regulate a definite amount of moisture inside a facility, and it cannot integrate essential oils and water.

Furthermore, diffusers do not have tubes, or confined sections wherein water could build, rendering clean-ups and maintenance a breeze, whereas it’s challenging to clean and maintain humidifiers.

Now to our question:

Is It Possible To Use A Diffuser As A Humidifier?

While it may appear obvious, the majority of the humidifiers were not designed to contain essential oils. Adding the oils to your humidifier can potentially destroy it.

Essential oils may damage objects and plastics due to their corrosive properties. This is a problem with plastic humidifiers and other easily dissolved materials.

Additionally, humidifiers are designed to accommodate a specific area. This implies that over-diffusion can occur, creating problems if you pour excess essential oil droplets into a humidifier. 

Furthermore, the value of essential oils can be influenced by the temperature.

The good news is that there are diffusers with a humidifier, which means you can have a diffuser and a humidifier in one piece of equipment. 

This would be a great choice, particularly if you want to have extra space in your room and value humidity.


Most humidifiers are not built to accommodate essential oils.  Adding the oils to your humidifier may cause it to malfunction due to its abrasive nature.

Moreover, humidifiers are made to fit a specific space. If you pour too many essential oil droplets into the humidifier, the oils will diffuse too much and cause issues. 

However, the best part is that diffusers integrated with humidifiers are available to save you money, time, and the space of having the two appliances in your limited space.


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